Mkimonos versus Machado Kimonos

Anybody know the difference between mkimonos ( and Machado Kimonos ?

Is one a copy of the other ? Are they the same company ?

If you go to a site like you can buy what they call "Machado Kimonos".

If you compare the Machado kimonos gis to the Mkimonos gis they look EXACTLY the same and both have their "patented" hybrid weave. Mkimonos claims that Marcelo Machado designed their "hybrid weave" and designs all their gis. Are they the same company ? I know that mkimonos distributes from the US.

Also, if this is the case why doesn't the website acknowledge that they are also machado kimonos ?

They are one and the same, with a catch:

I'm not sure on all the details, but there was a "trademark" dispute over the name "Machado" (similar to why we now have BJJ instead of still calling it all Gracie JJ).

SO, they are OFFICIALLY "Mkimonos" and cannot legally be called "Machado Kimonos" anymore.  Luciana has stated this several times in the past on these forums.

ttt for Mkimonos - the hybrid weave is STILL my favorite gi.  :-)

same gi and also the best out there.

I believe the embroidery is different to reflect the name issue. I do not know if their are any other differences.

They still have "Machado Kimonos" on the tag. But hell they could call them "poop kimonos" and I would still wear them. BEST gis out there...

I think back in the day Rigan Machado copyrighted the name "Machado Kimonos" when he and Krugans hooked up to do some gis. Rigan has long since stopped making gi's, but still owns the copyright. Hence Mkimonos can not call itself "Machado Kimonos".

Hey does their Hybrid weave shink up as much as their gold weave?

Doesn't JJ Machado have an Adidas or Mizuno Machado kimono?


It was Calos Machado who had RCJ Machado copyrighted. The Machado name in the states has "brand" recognition in the BJJ world. That maybe the reason why Mkimonos changed their name from Machado Kimonos. Rigan's used the School name RCJ Machado as his Kimono name.