MLB caves to the woke mob

You have to first convince me it’s needed. Like all this fraud the GOP is unable to find over and over again.

Not worth arguing with retards.

You’d be surprised how fun it can be. I’ve been enjoying myself so far.

what a stupid thing to say.

Yet, true, which is why it upsets the weirdest of you guys.

Who are you guys? Just like you are lumping all minorities together as stupid and unable to get id’s and or participate in society you lump those of us together here that know you are a racist idiot. We are not one. We just know bullshit

Get a hold of yourself man. The “you guys” is right wing OGers. Stop being a sensitive little pussy. I thought it was liberals who were suppose to be so weak.

Lol at wht a joke you are. I will gladly accept anyone but you giving criticism reading this thread. Let them give it publicly. You got powned because you are an idiot.

Who the fuck registers to vote before getting an ID? What world do you live in

So you’re OK if they use their voter registration to vote?

I have to have 2 valid IDs to vote, or an ID and a utility bill in my name.

And it 100% should be like that everywhere.

I doubt you’ve ever been right in your entire life…

I need ID to so much as buy Nyquil

No. Photo ID. Not hard. Everyone has one or can easily get one.

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Concerned about poll taxes? Fine. Make state IDs free. We give away useless shit all the time. Give away something useful for once.

Giving away free IDs is way too simple and an actual solution to their made up problem…you know they don’t want that…just counting on the rest of the country to be fuckin morons like what is happening.

I’m ok if they have an ID. Similar to anything in life. It isn’t racist or limiting for any other things that require valid ID. Go buy cigs or alcohol. You need ID. If you are going to fly then you need ID. That isn’t racist and it doesn’t stop people from doing those things.

I have no clue why you would think blacks are too incompetent to have ID. It’s just ignorant to think that.

Half the time I need to present ID to buy caffeine tablets.

How do you know who the person is with the voter registration ya dummy. Fuck the left are retarded.

What? Stick to what I actually said instead of building strawmen. It’s practically impossible to have honesty from the right.