Mlb predictions thread

Lets hear em..


nats vs red sox in the world series.. 


sonny gray ends up in a nats uniform by seasons end. 


Mets disappoint me again after making the postseason.


Rockies are the surprise team. 


Also, will be starting a fantasy league soon enough. Let me know if you want in. 

It's the Tribe's year

Yankees in 2018 or 2019 or 2020. 

2017?  Tribe or Cubs

I don't think the Nats are going all the way. They don't have an elite closer (their biggest need) and there are some question marks amongst other positions. A couple of players are coming off a down year and its uncertain if last year was an outlier or a trend.

invalid - It's the Tribe's year

For their sake i hope things go well... i think they need to make a move for bullpen help later in the season. Gotta love lindor though.