MLB The Show Baseball game, TME

Well fuck… back to the grind I guess.

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Loving my lineup at this point… took Ernie Banks and Steve Finley out of the starting lineup and put in Wander Franco and diamond JD Martinez (that motherfucker hits bombs)

And then put in Piazza instead of Posada at catcher as I just hit better with him.

I’m sticking with Realmuto. I’ve had luck with Piazza in the past years but do better with Realmuto.

Lol I got Verlander from the flash sale live series pack yesterday.

I’m Gerrit Cole away from getting Chipper. Grind grind grind for stubs now. Need 50k

JD Martinez: cheat code

42 Griffey Jr is still my best hitter. In 41 games online I’m hitting .377 10hr 31rbi with an OPS of 1.365.

Every time he comes to bat it seems hes driving in at least one run.

42 Bo Bichette with a .444 average in 16 games online.

I’ll be online tomorrow if anyone wants to have a match


Finished the 2nd Inning program and pulled Tatis in the 85-89 pack

Bought Cole and got Chipper yay!

Took a week break and just getting back now. Bought Trout and finished the AL for 99 Ortiz.

I cant hit anymore. Playing online I’m getting carved up bad. Struggling to win a game on All-Star vs CPU. Timing is bad and so is my PCI placement. Just played vs 93 Burnes online and he just spammed Sinker/Cutter low in the zone and I couldn’t come close to anything. 5 hits and they were all bloops. Fuck this game is difficult

At least there are over 70 new diamonds to mess around with…

I still dont play online… it just gets too try hard, too fast.

On the plus side, with a bunch of TA grinding yesterday and today, my squad is fucking insane.

You guys on PS or Xbox? Would do friendlies with y’all to work on hitting.

Also this vid has good tips:

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Also just made a Custom League that we can play using our DD teams and just have fun while practicing or testing new players.

Search for “Delete teh OG”

I made it for five teams but if less are into it we can redo

Finished up the Rivera collection

Good lord, man

I got 100% on the AL West TA2 yesterday and thought that was good lol

Anyone try the 95 Mantle?

Loved his card last year but it was much better

Hopefully he gets a Sig Series this year.

Also, who are your TA2 gems? I’m liking Quinn Priester and Heath Bell. Tori Hunter takes and Robert Pauson slaps.

Haven’t got Dante Bichette’s swing down yet. Also like the switch hitting kid from the Mets can’t remember his name

I’m using Torre at catcher, Hunter in the OF, Groshans at SS, and Cabrera/Prior/Oswalt/Lee at SP.

Bench, Bichette on my bench

Bell in the BP but rarely used.

Lindor ? If so he has legit power from both sides. I haven’t grinded as much as many of you, but I’m loving Vlad Jr, he has a ton of pop. Has anyone got Edgar Martinez from West Affinity 2, if so how do you like him ?

Damn, Belli, chill


Some check this guy’s bat for a cork in it

Just complete mash. Perfect/perfect at Laughing Mountain Stadium

Damn, Tatis, chill