MLB The Show Baseball game, TME

My created player says hold my beer


Got that first SuperFractor

How is your parallel grind going?

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Most of my starting lineup is at 4…

Nobody at 5.

@spjackson77 approves

that is my biggest problem with the game. I just can’t get into it.

thinking about blowing another $50 to try again.

Damn, Crawford, chill

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Is this game good for an 8-9 year old? I might get it for my nephew but not sure. Is it easy to get into and start unlocking players or do you need to dump lots of money into it? How are players unlocked?

What’s the longest one you’ve hit thus far?

Knocked out the May player program and got my 3rd Inning Boss on the same game I got Semien.

Time to relax until Friday lol

That one

Up until yesterday it was 487 then I got those 490s and now the 500


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Don’t have to spend a dime. It is by far the best sports game for free content by just playing


Almost to the Boss pack. Will get today and take Eckersley which will also unlock 99 Mo!


Seriously could have a full diamond team in two days if half decent at game

I’ll eventually buy Eck just to turn in for 4th inning

He’s worth it too, always one of the filthiest RPs

Oh wow in 2 days? I had no idea you earned cards that quickly

I’ve heard the game runs glitchy even on Xbox one x ? Has this been fixed do you know?

Games runs smooth. They had early server issues as it’s the first time it’s cross platform but lately no troubles

Current starting lineup: