MMA accumulator(Parlay) combined with other sport?

Hi all, been lurking the UG a good while but first actual post (and its a thread, what a dick) but Im confused. I do an accumulator (think its called a parlay in the US im in the UK) on every pretty much every ufc, I also do football (soccer) bets most weekends as well, when I went to do this saturdays picks however something strange happened... I had some football picks already on my betslip that I didnt notice but when I added my ufc picks it put it all together as one big accumulator. (see pic)

I'm pretty sure this has never been allowed before, am I simply stupid and didnt know it was allowed this whole time or did the betting website mess up? Also while I'm here, what do you think of my picks? I'l start posting now I've broken the seal, Thanks in advance UG