MMA all-time fight salaries

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                                MMA all-time fight salaries

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MMA all-time fight salaries

In this week’s edition of The Observer, Dave Meltzer wrote the following:
    There was no “$30 million” offer, although if he won the championship, the sport continued to draw and he was a major draw, he could have earned more than that. UFC wanted a six fight deal, but offered three fights, figuring it would be an easier deal to conclude since Emelianenko’s side would see it as him being locked up for less time. They offered on 7/28, about a $2 million guarantee, plus a sliding percentage based on PPV buys. The first fight offered was with Brock Lesnar for the championship. If the show did 800,000 buys, a huge disappointment considering Lesnar’s status right now, Emelianenko would still come out of it with well over $3 million. If it did 1.5 million buys, he’d get more than $5 million, the biggest one-night payoff in the sport’s history.

In regards to the magical $5 million USD figure, both Hidehiko Yoshida and Naoya Ogawa were supposedly paid that much money for their Man Festival fight a few years ago in the PRIDE ring. Lesnar, no doubt, made a dollar figure similar to that amount for UFC 100 given the estimated 1.7 million PPV buys and how much per buy he got along with his base salary.

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