MMA and streetfighting........

I'm looking to get into mma soon. However, I don't really have any intentions of competing. I just want to train my ass off and be in good shape, meaning I'll save fighting for self-defense situations.

What kind of gym/school should I look for if I want to know the dirty aspects of streetfighting?

Please DO NOT mistake this thread for saying that mma fighters can't fight on the street. I'm just saying I know there are differences between sport fighting and street fighting. I want a school that leans more toward streetfighting skills.

Any good school that cross trains some sort of Western Boxing or Muay Thai, and some sort ground fighting...i.e: Wrestling, grappling, will do you good. But as you train, you will become smarter about what you call "self-defense" situations. The best defense is to avoid conflict. I haven't had a street fight since I was 15. I am 40 now. But if you have no other choice...use your skills.

I see what you're saying.

I don't know whether to start with striking (muay thai) or grappling (bjj).

I did Wing Chun for two years, so I have some striking experience. I don't have any grappling experience. I'm 18 by the way.

Tai chi!

Thanks for answering my inquiry seriously you asshole.

"I did Wing Chun for two years, so I have some striking experience"


What is avaliable in your area? Have you checked those
places out? How were they?

MMA is great for building toughness, conditioning, and one on one fighting skills at full speed, which is essential for the streets. However you should also train in weapons(knives, guns, beer bottles, ect) and for multiple attackers. Every street fight I have ever been in has been multiple attackers.(luckily I hang out with huge tongans) I have also seen somebody get their throat slashed outside a night club.

There is quite a bit available considering I live in a relatively small city. ( I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.)

There are several bjj schools. Pedro Sauer being one of them.

There is Walt Bayless CombatJJ which I hear is a lot like submission wrestling. Someone told me Jeremy Horn trains there sometimes.

There is one place that teaches bjj, muay thai, wrestling, and boxing. It's probably expensive as hell though. (I just graduated high school and am saving money for college. So money is a little tight.)

Then there is the Muay Thai institute of Kunpoli. (sp?) I've heard that place is good and it's also a full gym.

I have yet to try them out though.

Yeah Pancho, that kind of shit really scares me. Which is why I want to get good with a knife. Or maybe I'll buy a gun in the future?

Either way I've found that you can prevent most fights so I'll focus on the hand-to-hand first.

Why you have to disrespect tai chi?

Muay Tai, bro, for streat fighting. But, make sure you get someone to train you on sprawling. & you better know what guard is. Then just get in a lot of street fights to train for street fights.

I am going to tell you staight up, and I don't care if you believe me, biting & eye gouging does not work. You will discover this on your own if you get in enough street fights.

Find yourself a good JKD school for streetfighting.

Not only disrespecting tai chi, but also warmonky. Unheard of!

Where are you from, if here is a Straight Blast Gym near you that is exactly what you want. The most important thing you want is a place that spars, if you have 30 wing chung places that do no sparring near you and one boxing gym that only spars the boxing gym is better for self defense. Chose alivness over dirty techniques, once you find the schools that practice alive that is when you should start choosing.