Dallas, TX, September 08, 2009 -- MMA Applications announces the sponsorship of Mixed Martial Arts fighter Clay “Tweet” Hantz.

MMA Applications LLC, the leading provider of MMA instructional Applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, announced its sponsorship of Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Clay “Tweet” Hantz for his biggest fight to date, stepping up for the ESPN radio broadcasted "SHARK FIGHTS 6" on September 12th in Amarillo Texas. The fight will also be broadcast on internet PPV.

“We are excited that MMA fighters like Clay are choosing to be associated with MMA Applications. Clay is an explosive up and coming fighter participating in the first ever live radio broadcast of an MMA event on ESPN 1440 radio”, said Rico Castro, founder of MMA Applications LLC. “Clay is a highly motivated athlete and has really dedicated himself to the sport of mixed martial arts and we are proud to be associated with him. We like his trademark yelling and stomping in the ring, it has gained him a lot of fans who like seeing a guy who is coming to fight.”

“Sharkfights 6” is will feature former UFC legend Don Frye, Dave Herman, Gerald Harris, Nissen Osterneck, TJ Waldburger, and Pat Heely. Hantz  will open the night of fights with a bout against local hero, Tony Castillo (3-4) in a welterweight contest. Hantz has a 3-1 record and is managed by Phalanx Management.

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 Tony Castillo (3-4)

Having trouble finding an opponent with a winning record?

 Get ready to get sued for your logo.



He was placed on this fight as a replacement and Tony Castillo's losses include

1 loss to evan tanner (32-8)

2 losses to Paul Jones (11-1-1)

Let me just say that I have always been a proponent for evenly matched fights.I personally cannot stand to see mis-matches put on by the promoters.I don`t give a shit if they are building their favorites up or trying to sell tickets &/or trying to appease the hometown fans. 


 Clay won his fight by unanimous decision. We found out later that Tony had 15 pro boxing victories as well! This was great for Clay, look for him at Richard Steele's "STEELE CAGE" in November


 CLAY's next fight: