Mma artwork trading cards

Old school guys might remember these! I cut my teeth here doing mma artwork for years before getting signed by Topps to do official UFC artwork trading cards. Also producing my own cards. Spent last night collating sets. Working on a new update with new fighters as well as my last set is several years old now. Gotta get some new blood in there!

I have full sets for $45 shipped US, over 170 cards


I remember. You and DiscipleDojo.

That’s awesome.

What’s the card stock like on those?

Yup we’re still art buddies. He’s done some work for Topps as well.

I really like the card stock. This was years ago but I had done a couple test prints with other companies I wasn’t as happy with (thin cards, dull colors, etc.) these are beautiful bright colors, crisp glossy cards with sharp corners. Not super thick but thick enough to not have any problems with warping or anything like that.

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