MMA banned in another MN city!!!

I think everyone involved with a show need sto step back and look at this from the perspective of law makers. Do you actually think that they want to waste time talking about MMA? Do you think that they go about getting it banned out of some vendeta? The reason shows get banned is because of the show!

A council person goes to check out a show and sees no physicals/blood work prior to the show, a ring announcer screaming "Who want's to see some blood???", untrained guys slugging it out with no visual use of technique or strategy, no security, etc.

A council person would much rather do things to make thier voters happy. Having an under the radar action is not done out of spite for MMA, but because in their eyes it is needed. What would happen if a city council person knew about a bad show and someone got really hurt or died?


I've been to a lot of good shows... I've been to a lot of not so good shows.  I try to avoid talking about this topic because I usually just end up frustrated.  Actually doing something to implement a sanctioning body is something that people absolutely love to talk about and then do absolutely nothing.  Putting something like this in place takes time, commitment  and money.  People seem willing to contribute but nobody can seem to stay on the same sheet of music for more than a day or so.

I went to Aasen's first show that was done in Savage.  As far as rules, safety and security go, it is one of the better ones I've ever been to.  Every fighter was weighed in.  There was a distinct difference in rules between amateurs and professionals... Ammys were not allow to elbow on the ground and they had to wear 7oz gloves.  The rounds were only 3 minutes.  I was extremely impressed because it is the first show I've been to that had an actual distinction between amateur and pro.  The rules were different, the equipment was different and the rounds were different.  On top of that, there was plenty of visible security and the matchups were exceptionally well done.  The fighters were paid what they were promised with absolutely no hassle.

I've also been to at least a dozen of Jami's shows.  I don't think that there is a show that has done more to evolve than BATB.  To say that it has come a long way would be an understatement.  Once again, there is an extremely visible security presence.  I haven't seen any kind of fight or incident at one of those shows in almost 2 years.  Any issues were always dealt with quickly.  The match making for the past few shows that I've either been to or seen the DVD of has been solid.  There is always someone there doing medicals and it's the only show that I've actually seen the doctor tell a fighter that he can't fight after doing the pre-fight check up.  I'm sure it's happened at other shows but I haven't seen it.

CFX and EFX are about as solid as they come for local promotions.  EFX had some controversey about weigh ins but they have addressed the problem and fixed it.  Last EFX show every fighter was weighed in and all of the match making was top notch.  I know Nick has big plans for this year.  I'm excited to see how it ends up.  Good people make good shows.

In my opinion the sport will eventually end up being banned in MN or regulated by the boxing commission which is damn near the same thing.  I've only been active in the local scene for about two years but in that period of time, I've seen a ton of talk about getting things fixed, sanctioned, whatever... but nothing actually done.  The only time I've seen people truly active is when we thought we were going to end up regulated by boxing.  As soon as we heard that, the shit really hit the fan and rightfully so.  MMA makes money and if you don't think boxing people are going to try to get their hand in the cookie jar you are fooling yourself.  There are a lot of people with strong financial interests in seeing the sport do well.  If those people could actually organize and get something moving we could save ourselves a lot of headaches.  People seem to want to leave things the way they are but it's not going to stay that way.  FCU lost a ton of money when the city of mpls pulled the plug on them.  Gamst lost money when Fridley decided that they didn't want the sport anymore.  Promoters were also making good money in West St. Paul before the plug was pulled on that.  If we don't get organized and regulated, we're fucked... Sorry for not being articulate about it, but it is what it is.


I agree with you Gavin, almost completely. lol

having under the radar action is not done out of spite but it is done, for the reason that there will not be anyone to oppose it if we fly low

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IMO, what needs to happen is everyone who has a financial interest in this need to get together and hammer out a proposal.  We need to decide where the money is coming from to put this in place.  We need to decide what we think the rules need to be.  If it's not organized, it will fail.  It might take a full day, but at least then everyone can feel like they were a part of it.  If MMA is banned, promotions like EFC, CFX, UCS, FCU and Savage fights are boned.  I'm guessing it would also put a serious dent into the schools such as MMAA, Warriors Cove, Team Bison and Camarillos.  Everyone has something to lose so people need to put their own skin in the game.

I will be in contact via email with interested parties. please leave your email if I dont have it, or send it to me.

imo minnesota shouldnt exist and then this wouldnt be a problem, aye

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>  Actually doing something to implement a sanctioning body is something that people absolutely love to talk about and then do absolutely nothing. 

There are sanctioning bodies out there (not MN-specific, I'm sure) . But sanctioning bodies are still subject to the purview of athletic commissions, I believe.

If I read that right, it bans boxing as well. Also, as competitions sponsored by schools of martial arts are explicitly excluded could you not just have a BJJ or Sub Grappling school sponser an MMA event and get on with it?


You are correct.  The problem becomes that as a state, we can't seem to get organized enough to present anything in a professional manner.  The state of MN has a boxing commission, but unless I'm mistaken doesn't have an "Athletic Commission" that oversees all sports (like Nevada or Jersey).  If my understanding of the situation is correct (which i'm pretty confident of), MMA would need to propose a seperate commission to the State.  This is the formula that has seemed to work extremely well in North Dakota.

having it's own MMA commision would be a good thing, you remove the issue of having to use a boxing judge to render a decision on an MMA fight.

im not picking on Jeff Paul for no reason here. the sport of MMA is probably going to be banned in another town because of him, and the other two guys that I stated.

The quality of the show that he threw in Red Wing is the problem, and has been a problem of Jeffs for a while. just look at one of the posters he made for the fight. very unprofessional looking, and he misspelled(by a long shot) most of the fighters names on the cards. skulls, daggers, etc has been his advertising motto. I know, because I used to have him design stuff for my shows, and it was always on the "raggedy" side. His shows are done with the same signature. He actually called me and asked me if it was o.k. if he threw a show in Red Wing(my hometown). I told him that I was not comfortable with it for 2 main reasons. 1. his shows are not run very professional, and he does not represent the sport very well with his hygene(sp), his dress, and the appearance of his business. I can go into great deatail on this if you need me to. I didnt want his show to be the face of MMA to that community. and rightly so! As you now see what the town thinks of MMA. 2. there is no place to throw a fight in the town. the venue that he was throwing a show in housed a maximum of 200 people with a cage in it. I know my math, and you cant turn a profit with that low of attendance at a show, which in return means that the show will be run as cheap and simple as they can. the result is no emts, no police, no security, no professional ring announcer(which sets the tone of professionalism for the whole show), cheap fighters which = cheap matches which = shitty fights! and that is exactly what the shows that were run there were like. Yeah maybe they got lucky on a few of the fights and they turned out to be 1 or 2 good fights on the show, but that is definately not enough!

they lie to locals and say the fights will be awesome, its the fastest growing sport in the world etc, etc to get people there so they can pockit more money. the product they put out falls way short of professional or even amateur for that matter!

I have talked to numerous people about these shows, and what they thought. they all agreed that they were horrible, and felt ripped off. this is what happened in Red Wing, there are lots of other shows that have went the same way with him, and the other two "so called" promoters (team crazy).

there is no respect for established markets, no boundaries for proper marketing and advertising, and a huge lack of professionalism in there game. this is a universal sign of promoters who are coming in to turn a quick buck, and give nothing back in return! call the owners of the venue and ask them what there thoughts were on the shows. they were conned too
! they were promised a good professional event, and got just the opposite.

As far as Nick being a part of Kohlers show in the past: he just like everybody else that dealt with Kohler was being misled, and used. Nick learned the hard way that people are not always what they say they are, as did all of us that did business with Brad Kohler.

the show at the Aldridge Arena was run by jeff and nick when they were partners. if you follow promotions closely you would know that the XKK shows did not really take off until Nick came aboard. I saw the work that they both put out, and believe me it was not equal. Jeff "talks" alot about what he is going to do, Nick does what he talks about, big difference.

I have many, many other examples if you need. here is my # if you would like to talk. 651 214 3046

It should also be noted that there was another party involved with the BANNING OF MMA in Red Wing. that would be Team Crazy (jeff luhman, kevin garlitch). there story is just about the same.