MMA Beijing...legit?

So a friend sent me a link for an MMA school in Beijing called MMAbeijing. Being mainland Chinese, we both have a lot of interest in the development of MMA in China.

So I checked out their site and something just didn't seem right. They've got Jake Shields listed under the "students" section and Gina Carano listed under the "fighters" section. Last time I checked Jake Shields was training out of California under Cesar Gracie and Gina Carano was never anywhere near China.

I could be wrong, and they may very well be affiliated with them, but the whole thing seems a little fishy. If anyone can shed some light on this please speak up. Otherwise, this school seems to be promoting itself using fighters without their consent.

Looks Mcdojo.

Ray, holla

Ray has spoken.

it bothers me more that they're promoting their school with fighters that have no connection to their academy