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 A client of mine ( MMA Personality) is looking for bloggers to help add content to their site, if you are interested in the opportunity to increase your visability, add to your portfolio, and possibly earn some money please PM me some links to your work/articles or email address and I'll get in contact with you.  Sorry for not saying exactly who's site it is but kind of wanna weed out possible stooges in the beginning. Thanks



 new blog?

 Yes it's currently up and running with only him writing but he would like some other points of view from knowledgeable fans


 Have had a couple good people PM me but definitely thought there would be more from the writers we see on the UG who would surely want their own page of writings visited by people around the world. Hmmm maybe this forum is enough IDK

Mind if I ask who the personality is? It's likely to motivate a lot more people to start mailing you!

PM sent.


 I know by naming the person it will generate more people but don't want just any random person looking for more serious people. I received some PM's forwarded them off to the guy to look over

Pm sent


oh i already knew about that position/opening. if that is what this is for, disregard the pm.

I have already been in touch with them. :)

 Some great stuff. Any more let me know please...


Muzalini - Thank you for taking the time to pass along the information, it is sincerely appreciated.

The Swinging Richard - Muzalini - Thank you for taking the time to pass along the information, it is sincerely appreciated.

 No problem at all, just helping out when and where I can

what topics/fighters/mma teams would you want to hear me write a fresh new article on considering i have not been writing for quite some time, and feel i could do much better now as i have grown much more a person and a way more intelligent fan of the sport , since the past four years in which i have not ben writing.

Please let me know, i am definitely interested!

thank you