Classes in mma and muay thai will begin in August at the Lima Lama martial arts school at 6347 South Kedzie Ave on Chicagos southwest side. Times for the classes are tenativly set for Mon Wed Fri 900pm-1015pm. Everyone is welcomed, no matter if you are a wrestler, jujitsu, boxer, karate practioner etc.. please contact Roberto Ramirez at or 773 368 9638


I could be interested. Not too far from my house.

Porra, Roberto Ramirez. The only guy whose nickname is his full name.

I actually moved a litte north but, would like to come by maybe some saturday and check it out. Let me know when everything is up and running.


Who is going to be the instructors and what not?

What up Colin!!! Porra!! Good to hear from you. Yeah it should be up first week of Aug. maybe we could do a Sat morning class too. Its a traditional martial arts school where I will be teaching them Muay Thai and mma. Got A few up and comming cacsca grossas willing to learn. Take care um abraco.
Roberto Ramirez

I will be teaching the classes. We will also bring in guest instructors for seminars. My background is in Jeetkunedo with Joe Goytia Juijitsu with Carlson Gracie/Academy Muay Thai with Arur Mariano in Brazil and Hercules Mitchell Chicago Fight Team who trained at Fairtex. Ive learned a lot from many great teachers over the past 12 yrs and Ive had many mma fights. Im not saying Im the best fighter or teacher but I do have experience and knowledge and I dont care if your a beginner or a whatever if you want to train and learn and are not afraid to sweat them come by and train hard. 6347 South Kedzie at the Lima Lama Martials arts school.
Roberto Ramirez

Good luck in your fight at TFC and with your school

Thanks djones. Just to be clear I will be teaching MMA at the Lima Lama Martials Arts School on the SW side of Chicago at 6347 South Kedzie Ave.(5mins east of Midway Airport) Hopefully we will open a bigger place soon. For more info please email me at or call 773 368 9638. Peace!!

Tbidness give me a call or email and I will answer any questions you may have. We will have a set schedule around the first week of Aug. Otherwise I will be there tonight at 830pm. Ask for Roberto.





Roberto....good luck on your new school my friend. Havent seen you in a long time. I would love to stop by sometime and train with you south side casca grossas.

Mequinho the Knife

Mack The Knife!!! Stand Upee!!! Porra! good to hear from buddy. I miss the crew on tuesdays. What a great time it was when the Master was still around. Hope you and your family are doing well. Once we are up and running I'll bring some of you guys to the souhtside to show these youngsters some good techniqes. Peace



'The only guy whose nickname is his full name.'

-I never thought about that Colin, but true.