MMA Collectables

We just updated our site with some newly acquired MMA posters, programs, magazines, etc. Here is the link to our MMA Posters & Collectables website if anyone is interested:

MMA Posters Website

And I'm still looking for Japan Vale Tudo Rickson Gracie posters, as well as any version of the Pride 1 poster. If anyone has these items and wants to sell or trade, please email me at


or if you have passes you can email me!



You wouldn't happen to have those Pride figurines would you?

and I will take ANYTHING on Rickson Gracie


all the good ones are taken though. I like the GP 2nd round 2004 poster - any more left?

I'll have all three of the HW Grand Prix posters on the site in a few weeks. My favorite is the 1st round of the HW Grand Prix - the one with the butterfly...

if I don't get to the UG a lot, please feel free to email me at I really like your merchandise.

Will do beverlyhills...



somebody should make posters other than for a single design a "silva poster" with lots of shots of him being cool, or something like that. I've seen some cool backgrounds someone made and posted (I forget what website..sherdog?? no..) that I wouldn't mind tacking to my wall. I'm not paying that much money for a poster. 15 bucks, maaaybe for a nice one.

I got outbid for both the butterfly Pride GP one and another one on ebay about a month ago. I was pissed!