MMA comes to WV!!!

Watch out for my MMA event next year in Charleston WV. I have already lined up the financial backers for this show and it should be great. I have been planning for years and I am very excited! I lost a few thousand dollars in the event I was planning several years ago when everything was put to a halt by the Athletic Commission.

Outgoing AC Chairman Rick Modesitt resigned after Robert Fitzsimmons was appointed to the Commission. Modesitt resigned due to his hardline opposition to MMA. For those of you who do not know Robert Fitzsimmons, he is the lawyer that beat the WV Athletic Commission several times in court to allow the WEF in WV. Governor Bob Wise is also now said to be supporting MMA in WV. Fitzsimmons raised nearly $80,000 for Wise's campaign fund.


TTT x 10 :-)

Thanks Kirik. I hope to add this show to an already impressive list of Shooto events.

good stuff, congrats

Mountaineer Racetrack in Chester WV (who raised over $100,000 for Wise's campaign) will probably have one of the first fully legal events in WV. I hope to follow their event up with one in Charleston.

TTT great to hear! WV and MMA!!!

Yet another creditable Shooto event .

I was very happy to hear Rick's gone as well...

I have been following the info for many months now and I didn't think he would really resign.

I guess the loss of power scared him and I am sure he will try something else in the legislature.

That is great Johnny!

Ryan Ackerman would love to be on the card.

Congratulations Bob Fitzsimmons and all the folks, especially Johnny Walls, who have kept moving the sport forward in WV despite the beaurocratic nonsense.

TTT for Johnny and his show!

Jonny, when is the show at the Mountaineer?

If Im not mistaken Robert F. and Jamie Levine have been verry close friends for years.

This news could not be other than great the WEF and other top MMA promotions.

I do recall sometime last year Jamie Levine saying something about Promoting the WEF in WV and the commission would not be in his way anylonger.

I hope what Levine says about the GA commission is true just like WV and they are not going to be in his way next year.

Levine is one hell of a fight promoter and has put together some great fights in the state of GA and is welcome by thousands of GA MMA fight fans.

It seems to me when Jamie Levine stays off this fourm for months at a time,things happen for the good of the sport and in his favor for the most part.

I just wonder what he has up his sleeve for the good of MMA in 2004?

Think about it 2004 should be interesting with the Fla commission and Levine teaming up for two more shows agian and the Fla commission awarding Levine the WEF Med Title Dec 20th 2003 in the WEF event.

For the most part Levine is good for the sport of MMA and will fight for what he bleives in.

This is coming from a person who sees only the facts.

Drove down there before for an event and will do so again!

No jaydub, did you ever see any facts, paperwork, contracts, ext. that he did anything wrong at all?

I have been monatoring this fourm for a couple of years and not one fact or document has ever been presented here to prove Jamie Levine has done anything wrong to any body in MMA.

Just remember review the facts before you judge.

Has Jamie ALWAYS paid the fighters on time ? Didn't the fighters in the previous show Jamie had get paid from the bond promoters have to give to the state of Florida ? And wasn't that paid on a later date than the one they competed on ?

Jamie has no one but himself to blame for the criticism .

jamie should do what is good for this sport and get it signed for him to fight me on the first show in west virginia.itis time for him to step up and do what he has been saying he would do for awhile now.....Dirty Harry

Awesome! As A Elkview Res, I will Be there!!!!!

Johnny Walls,

I would like to think that any event in WV would have guys from Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel involved! Not only are we a very experienced team, but have been supporters of MMA in WV for a long time.

I have 4-5 guys that would fight ANYONE on a show in Charleston or Huntington! Not to mention all the local tickets sales our team would generate:-)

Johnny, give me a call on Monday (304-412-1604)! If this is true, I too have a few "Money Guys" that would be willing to get involved and host a show at the Field House in Huntington.

Dustin Ware

Dustin, you know I have to team up with you on ANYTHING I do in WV! Ideally, I would like to have Bill and Billy from Advanced BKJ to fight as well. I'm not running a school so we can promote the heck out of both of you guys' training facilities.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think a show in Huntington would do even better than Charleston. I definitely want us to hook up and get some stuff done. If we don't take over and claim our turf a couple of the shady boxing promoters in WV will be trying to grab it first!

I do the website hosting for most of the major Radio stations in Charleston, plus one of the TV stations and I have already been talking to them about trading for some advertising. I may hit up the Ruff N Rowdy Brawl (Toughman) next week with some flyers just so fans can visit the website and see what REAL fighting is about!