MMA Competitive Landscape = Great Right Now

The presence of Strikeforce as a competitor to the UFC, both with frequent show schedules, is ideal for us MMA fans.  Then there are support leagues like Bellator, MFC, Shine, Sharkfights, and many others.

At the same time there are two competitors in Japan pushing each other, with support leagues like DEEP, Pancrase, Shooto, and ZST.

This is great for the fans and fighters.  Tons of fighters are getting put to work, and we are getting near WEEKLY great MMA cards.

I'm not sure how anyone can argue that we would be better off from this with only 1 promoter.  It would hurt everyone over the current conditions.  All the fighters have PLENTY of matchups with other top fighters regardless of which promotion they fight in.  Though I'm sure some of you will still believe/troll this.

And the best part, is we're getting actual fighter sharing/co-promotion to insure that great fighters will fight each other.  We're going to get Aoki in Strikeforce, M-1 prospects are moving to Strikeforce, There is talk of Jacare, Galvao, and Zaromskis in strikeforce, and endless possibilties.

This is what happens when there is competition to push suppliers to provide a better product at a lower cost.  WAR Competition.