MMA Coverage on local TV???

I'm up in Canada, and I also happen to work for Canada's Biggest Television Network. (alas, I'm a lowly operations guy, so I don't really have any pull in programming. I just conduct interviews, shoot news stories, edit news stories, and do other behind-the-camera work)

Anyway, Im curious to ask you UG'ers if any of your local news or sports channels actually show or deliver results on MMA fights?
Does Iowa sports or news tell their viewers whether Miletich fighters won or not?
Does your local FoxSportsNet or ESPN affiliate report results? Pictures?

I know up here in Canada, TSN (which is owned by my company), did not mention anything about Georges St. Pierre winning the WW title. I was SURE they were going to say something, now that WE (Canada), have a world champ. Not the case.

What about you guys? Does your local news or sports channel report MMA results?

Yes. In the Cleveland/Canton area of northern Ohio, they show fights on the local channel.

What kind of events?