MMA Documentary on Global (Canada)

Just thought I'd give people the heads up. Its called "Real Fight Club", here is the listing info:

"Exploring an extreme-fighting subculture and its impact in Canada. Including a look at social, health, moral and financial issues."

I was out today but came home and caught the last five minutes. Looked like GSP was one of their experts on the sport; it seemed the focus was on a guy trying to get some local shows off the ground

Anyway, it'll be on again at 9 PM EST on Global Edmonton for any Canadians wanting to check it out. I will try recording it but my PC PVR setup sucks, hopefully someone with a cood capture card will get it

ttt starts in 50 minutes

Got someone to give me a crash course in recording so hopefully I can post it later on

Final TTT starting in 5 minutes

Yep I'm recording it

The focus is on the promoter of Fighting Spirit Challenge in Ontario

Good show, that promoter was a stand-up guy.

Did anyone else think Albert talking the guy through cardio on the treadmill with the speech about native rights was a bit put on for the cameras?

I hate cardio as much as the next guy but I don't need a speech to get me through it every day.

I think you're on to something there... not that this guy's story isn't interesting, but I'd prefer more of the supplementary stuff on the sport in general

LMAO @ "you ready? You ready? Let's give'r!"

Now seeding on The Tracker