MMA documentary?

I was watching my tape of the Brazil Open Fight 97, and there was a preview of a MMA documentary made around the time, that mainly focused on Couture, Henderson, and the RAW team. I couldn't really catch the name, but I think it was just called "fighter". Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, where can i order it?

LOL scarysilva. It was about Mark Kerr this one you speak of?

evan00: I remember that documentary being mentioned in the Brazil Open Fight vid.

It looks like the documentary was never released. I wonder if it was completed or not......

All the released MMA documentaries I know of (Aside from Japanese ones) are these:


Rites of Passage

The Smashing Machine

Life in the Cage

Le Ring Interieur (Canada)

Natural Born Fighters (UK)

Portrait of a Fighter (Ian Freeman)

Blood, Sweat, and Teeth

Don't think Day Of The Zen would count as a real documentary .

The one on HBO is called "The Smashing Machine". It is a documentary about Mark Kerr. It is considered my many as the best documentary ever made about MMA.

Gee, thanks for the newsflash timmydome.

The RAW docu was on their site. I remember finding it and thinking it was over priced. So I never ordered it.

Haven't been to their site in years, though. Don't even remember the addy.

I believe Randy Nhovak came on here and said the documentary was never released.