MMA dojo's near Thousand Oaks, CA?

The week of June 19th, 2006. I'll be working in Thousand Oaks, CA. I cross train in BJJ, as well as, boxing, thai & kick. I've looked on the site and the net for near by schools for any of the styles I listed but didn't find any near by. If anyone knows of any and can reccomend one, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you

I was at the Pangea Fights in Hollywood a few weeks ago and met a guy that owns a gym in Westlake Village (which is right next to Thousand Oaks) I remember it being a boxing gym, MMA, I dont know which areas specifically but if you give me some time I can get back to you with a name and number.

Team Freedom,  thats the name I am trying to find a number for you.

Brian Petterson Team Freedom
805 469 2709

Bas Rutten just opened an MMA gym in Thousand Oaks. should have its website in the news section. I think its Elite MMA.

Kids Gloves boxing gym is like 15 min away in Simi Valley. Lots of good boxers, big muy thai guys and a cage with MMA classes.

JJ Machado in Tarzana is 20 minutes away from Thousand Oaks.

well there's Team Freedoms's number !

Here is the web address for Bas and Randy's place in Thousand Oaks,

That site doesn't work for me.

Crazy Joe, try now.


Send me an email. for info on T.O. mma/bjj training

works now.

This is Brian Peterson from Team Freedom. Our address is:

Team Freedom MMA
880 Hampshire Road, Suite X
Westlake Village, CA 91361

We classes all throughout the week. Check out the website at

We specialize in nogi bjj and we also offer instruction in wrestling/judo takedowns and kickboxing.

Call 805-469-2709 for more info.



Brian, I have family up in Westlake and I was curious about the open mat on saturday's?

What is the mat fee? Is anyone welcome?
And what is the schedule like for Open Mat's, just free sparring?

Hi Brian, I ws emailing Terry to get your information so I could post it-  Maggie (we met at Pangea fights)

Brian- do I get a free kickboxing class with that referal?


Hey Maggie...

Sure you can take a free class anytime.

If anyone wants to come to an open mat to roll around you can pay a $10 mat fee. Saturday's we have an open mat at 10am. I won't be there tomorrow because I'll be refereeing at the Nogi Pan Ams in Long Beach.



Open mat is pretty much just rolling. I'm usually always there to teach whatever people want to learn except when I'm at tournaments. You're welcome anytime!


Thanks Brian, I will take you up on that next time i'm in Westlake.