Do you guys know any places that sell MMA DVDs in the GTA and surrounding area? Are there any stores dedicated to MMA (dvds, books, etc) or with a large selection?

I dont know the name of the place but there is a place downtown.  Around Spadina and ?  Its near "For your eyes Only" Or his eyes only.  Its a strip bar.  This place sells used moves and DVD.  I was amazed at the amount of MMA stuff they had.  If anyone knows of the place l am talking about please share the name.

Perhaps you're thinking of Queen Video, on Queen and Spadina. They have quite a few Pride DVDs and videos, as well as some early UFC.

yeah there's a new "queen video" near college & montrose st. that has for rent dvds of ufc43,44,45 and two ucc dvds as well.

The last time I went to the Queen St W location all
he had was old stuff to rent, nothing new. Maybe
he's got newer stuff in the past year, and then all
he had was VHS.

I didnt see much new stuff while l has there.  Thats likely because l was amazed at all the older non ufc and pride stuff they had. 

Just trying to help.