mma events in louisiana

We have a small school in north louisiana with a few fighters. We have been going to events hosted by a local promoter. Competition is good but the events are lacking. Anyone know how to get involved with other mma events in louisiana?

Show up and ask for No Love He is the man ,,Rich Clementi He is running the shit this fall in La

No Love Entertainment will be having some huge news announced in the next few weeks. By this weekend we will be announcing the full fight card for No Love Entertainments "Capital City Carnage" to take place at one of the biggest venues that Louisiana has to offer, the Baton Rouge River Center.

We will also be hitting the road with these upcoming shows Aug 26th Baton Rouge LA Oct 14th Slidell LA Oct 29th Shreveport LA Jan 13th Gulf Coast Coliseum Biloxi MS

Sorry for the website delays. We have a new one being constructed bigger and better as we speak. For information about our upcoming shows dial toll free 888-FIGHT-90 or to contact us about competing on a upcoming event contact


^^^ great idea, or RAMPAGE IN THE CAGE is a great Louisiana based event. Check them out at . Good luck!

Check me out at

Stay away from Dana Pitcher! This Don King wannabe has ripped off more fighters than you can even imagine.

December 16 in Monroe, LA

Willie when are you going to update the website?

Give Warren Donley a call to fight for Renaissance MMA in New Orleans. Check out