MMA Evolution, Are you happy now??

Well we all know how much the MMA Evolution internet radio show hosts love questioning Zuffa's every move.

Well the latest gripe I heard was when they had Tito on their last show and how they along with Tito said that Zuffa wasn't advertising for the next UFC.

I think there were three commercials last night on basic cable television for the first time ever for UFC 51. All three commercials were on in the hour directly after the highest rated show on cable television.

I just have one question for Mike and his boys.

Happy now???

Those guys usually do good stuff. I just hope they dump the trivia section of the show (or tweak the questions) You could hear the one contestant typing on his computer looking up answers as the game went on

Yeah the trivia part of the show was a disaster.

They really struggled to follow the rules they set up for themselves.

It's obvious they don't hold themselves to the same standard they hold Zuffa too.

The MMA Evolution Radio's theme should be: "Do as I say not as I do."