MMA fans and spelling/grammar!

Many of threads here has alot of spelling and grammar mistakes in them. More than on a basketball or a bowling internet forum. Coincidence or not? Discuss!

Too many boots to the head.

I used to be anal about grammar and spelling. Now, since I write ten articles a week plus dick around here half the time, I put them into two categories:

Rushed/speed errors

and "Revealing IQ or lack thereof" errors.

Usually you can tell the dif.

My personal favorites are misuse of homonymns (there/their), its/it's, "grammer" and stuff that basically shows that nobody seems to read or retain what they read.

But nobody cares and this thread will die in about one day.

I know....but english is not my first language. I am from Sweden although I went to university in London, England.

ahhh....there is his reason

what is everyone elses?

 *raises hand cautiously*

blonde here.....

watch too much Simpsons. Aye Caramba!

Fack you

On a semi-related note, I was remarking the other day, that a lot of Swedish people speak English very well. Why is that?

"There is a difference between writing a term paper for English class and typing a post on this forum. When you guys start giving out college credits or paying for UG posts then we'll all double check and proofread our posts."

Very true and excellent point!!!!!!!!!!

Hukt on foniks wurked fer me.....

I spokes way much gooder then any of you does.....

Hey! I just realized something......

Who the hell posts on a BOWLING forum?


..... And I agree with El Guapo on this.

This thread is wicked retaded.....

maybe cuz typing is different then writing an some people dont look at what there typing and just hit add message know what... I noticed that as well.

I dont know if its my keyboard being over-utilized out or if its my own self with tired thoughts and eyes, but I also notice many errors on my own part.....I always thought about that, but never could remember to write about that.


Good job El Guapo, LOL.

I think it's easy to see the dif. between "not hung up on grammar" errors and someone who really comes off poorly.

like when somebody types:

chuck was their for the takedown vs tito but tito didnt get it tito had worrys about getting pumeled and thats why he couldnt comit to a shoot he new he was definately gonna get hit epsecially with the looping punches chuck throws you know chuck can genrate a lot of force on those shots

You know that person is probably either very young or very uneducated and/or stupid.

makes it hard to listen to them in a debate.

this hole thred sux

"I'll take a punctuation-free paragraph any day of the week, if it makes any sense."

The comma between "week" and "if" is unnecessary/incorrect since you're going from an independent to a dependent clause.


Grammar-police suck! Takes a BIG man to point out the faults of others!!!!

That said, why do people tend to mix up "loser" and "looser"online? They don't even sound alike.

For a out of towner, you speak better English than most of the inbred retards that plague this website....