MMA fans are easy to fool

Two examples - Tito-Chuck 1 and Frank-Cung.

In both cases the fighters were sparring partners before meeting in the cage, and in both cases, the grappler (Tito/Frank) was unable to takedown the striker (Chuck/Cung) in the aforementioned sparring.

So, when the fight rolls around and prefight interviews are conducted, the grapplers, knowing they will have a hell of a time taking the fight to the ground, claim they are "going to stand-up with him".

MMA fans are puzzled, thinking maybe it's all hype. The event begins. Tito shoots three times on Chuck in the first round and never even comes close, then gives up. Frank attempts two takedowns with his laughable (worse-than-Renzo's) wrestling and fails, then gives up.

The grapplers are then thrashed. MMA fans point to their pre-fight interviews, and say how stupid they were for "choosing to stand-up" and how they would have won if not for their manly pride.

The MMA fan is fooled; the grappler saves face.

No... Frank PROMISED the fans he would stand up with Cung!   Plain and simple.  Frank has TOO BIG of an ego NOT to follow thru on something like that.  His corner was yelling to take him down, Frank wouldnt.  There is NO work in the fight. PERIOD.  I was cageside and I can say this fight could be FOTY!


Hard to do leglocks when you are getting kicked in the dome Ace

"Frank knew his only shot was to stand and hopefully catch him because Frank has heavy hands and a KO isn't totally out of the question."

Agree with your post totally, except the way that sentence is written.

Frank thought he was going to tool Cung Le on the feet and KO him whenever he wanted.
So did 90% of the UG pre fight(including me!)

actually I thought frank's wrestling looked pretty good 4 him! THAT'S how bad it is

Cung was a college wrestler... A lot of people dont know that!

Great fight!!!!

Where did Le wrestle at then?

Comparing a great mma fighter like Dan Henderson who has fought the best over the last nine years to a loud mouth who picks and chooses opponents, and then even LOSES to the hand-picked opponents is laughable.

Please take your trolling to another message board.

Frank got exposed yet AGAIN.

Bringing up one of Hendersons first mma fights is ridiculous - Henderson would embarass Frank badly now and you know it.

when did Frank even try to take the fight to the ground. He said he was going to stand with Le and he did.