MMA fans are the best fans in the world!!!!

No they're not. Sure, there's a minority of great fans that really enjoy the sport and never really disrespect the fighters much but, as stated, they're in the minority.

The majority of hardcore MMA fans are fucking pathetic. They bitch and whine about everything. Fedor vs Rogers for example was a great fight last night. I thought Rogers showed how tough he was and Fedor showed great heart in disposing of Rogers.

But because Fedor never KO'd him inside the 1st 3 minutes, he got "exposed". Fedor is human. He will get hit and hurt like everyone else. If Rogers caught Fedor and knocked him out last night...there would be people calling him a fraud which is just unreal. It's almost like the fans degrade top level fighters as if they're complete bums!

It just pisses me off how there's this bitch-ass-ness when discussing MMA. Somebody has to bring up the politics about how evil Dana White is or how evil Fedor's manic russian management company is when its all BS. People just cant discuss stuff normally without bringing their emotions into it or over analysing the situation.

I'm not innocent of saying disrespectful things before, but I keep it in moderation. Whenever I go to an MMA forum, the people writing about MMA dont come across to me as very normal people...maybe people that spend too much time on their computer completely over analysing stupid stuff.

I know it happens in every sport but maybe its the young fanbase of MMA that just attracts some of the most fucking retarded people ever.

And on that note, whining during my thread about whiners, I'm off.


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