MMA Fantasy League has vacancy FCW

The FCW has at least one opening. It is a simulated league, where fighters are rated in several different skills, based on their real life counterparts. Each team has 5 fighters, fighters can be traded, retired, etc. Ratings change in time based on real life performances.

If you think you're interested, check out the website at:

or email me at

still looking for members. The league is free and there are prizes. The game itself can be downloaded from the yahoo group at:

You'll need to join the group, click on the files section, and download the latest


I'm going to be in for the next couple of hours doing some of the fights for the league, so drop by if you're interested.



Guys, I've got a few emails about this, and yet no one has responded to the thread...In general I get the idea people are a bit confused by the concept, so I'll try to run you through the basics...

First, the league is based on a video game. It's a text based game featuring
over 200 real fighters, rated in several different skill attributes such as
strength, speed, punches, kicks, takedowns, submissions, get
the point. By rating the fighters as accurately as possible, they will
perform in the game quite similar to their real life counterpart.
Occassionally something strange and unbeleivable might happen, but most of
the time the results of the fights are pretty realistic and beleivable...

Anyway, each league member has a team of 5 fighters. Fights are simulated
each month, on average each fighter will fight once per month. Due to
tournaments and chance, it's possible for a fighter NOT to fight in a month,
or to fight several times, but in the end the leaguewide average is that
each fighter will fight appx 1 time per month.

At the end of each month, I will go in and make changes to the ratings,
based on real life MMA results for that month. For instance, just yesterday
I did the ratings changes based on January's MMA results. Frank Mir is a
good example, since his fight seemed to prove a lot. His conditioning rating
took a serious dip, however his punching, kicking, and ground striking
ratings went up as the beating he put on Sims showed us that Mir has some
skills we hadn't seen before.

There really is no 'point' to the league, other than to enjoy watching the
league and the fighters develop, trying to build a winning team, and winning
some cool prizes for free.

We do all sorts of interesting fight cards...we started out with 8 man
tournaments to determine the individual champion for each weight class. Each
month we usually have a handful of random matchups (within each weight
class), and then a couple cards of special matchups, usually with some theme
or idea. For instance last month's special event was a team vs team
tournament, each team of 5 fighters faced off against another team's 5

not getting any love from the UG this time around ;)

anyway right now it looks like I've got 2 spots left still after adding a few over the past day.

I think next time I'll title my thread "win cool stuff for free!"

Still one spot as MatSantos got one of them.