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Bushido Pickems thread

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I signed up. You needed a rep from



BKIAHG Team BAdseed Inc. all the way. for those who dont follow BKIAHG is one of the top guys in the league

AZ got them, along with Sebastians hows about AZ VS Sebastion

BadSeed Inc Team members include:

Ken Pishna
The fourth member to be announced very soon. But it will blow you away.

our Fourth Member is Hollywood Blonde! thats right Fellas hes back and hes coming for Shootfighter.

Manny Reyes already exists in a MMA Fantasy World.

who is manny reyes?



Reesults are up!

Go to the forum our next event and ivites to our next tournament are being announced. Warriors challange
16 fights to pick to carry you out through a 16 man tournament the Next UFC and Pride

Results are up


Yes I just signed up and picked the wrong answers to an event that already occured lol. Oh yeah...Im bad. Im bad *walks away in Al Bundy gait*

lolol hey you are welcome anytime its alot of fun 86 people have played so far