MMA Fantasy League

Anyone Interested its just a pickems thread were we go head to head keep a total of Pts

would love to see you get into the league. There is obviously alot of people here who know what there talking about this is just a fun way to go up against others
go to link and then to the sign up link. we have been around for over 15 months

SHOOTFIGHTER WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, You have made a mistake brother

Awsome Blonde would love to see it. Way to long

Hollywood Blonde Undefeated

Shoot I would have given you the opertunity to be on a real team, But damm bro you have sunk to a new level.

Sounds like fun, how do we play?

Well go make your picks in the sign up page. Picks should be made in your best bet order. Meaning your first fight you pick will be what you consider to be the best lock of the card and so on. Pick the rd and how the fight ends. We will put you up against another person head to head the one who scores the highest gets the win. We have rankings champions and now some of the guys are starting up Clubs or Teams. Alot of smack talking ect. Your knowledge of the sport will determine if you win or lose.

Funny we already have a Oh My Plata


Hollywood Blonde I think the meail i have for you is not working. Are you going to submit picks?

Shootfighter I dont have your picks

re post them asap, and anyone else looking to give it a try

We have a game like this now the diffrence is it cost 5 bucks but you can win $300 woth of merchandise.

Hollywood Ill see if thats the same email, but when I email out to the league yours comes back as undeliverable.

Shootfighter great fight for you last time out awsome. But TFS sucks, lolololo

Lawdog good job aswell. You been loyal I was glad to see you get the win. You have had alot of close matches

"Lawdog good job aswell. You been loyal I was glad to see you get the win. You have had alot of close matches"

Yea, I have not been KO'ed yet, and I was finally able to pull out a victory in a close match(thanks to my Randleman pick!).

Keep the site up and running, and I'll be a loyal player til the end. My winning streak is just beginning :)

go to the site click on the forum and chat with the guys do some smack talk ect were going to try to build it up so more go there to talk fantasy MMA its kinda fun to smack talk with your apponents ect. Fight Teams are starting to form aswell. MBU which includes 3 rookies Maverick 1-1-0 Badness 2-0-0 and Yfc Man 8
1-1-0 then you have Thug Jitsu Fighting systems Joker 5-1-1 Shootfighter 6-3-1 and Lord Abortion 1-1-0 the UTT which is a bunch of guys from a rival league but they also have a few from ours they have 4 of there top 8 guys including Snapcase and NDIRISH from our league