MMA fighter attacked, robbed by total animal

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                                MAM fighter attacked, robbed by animal

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                    <p>In the hard hills of Phuket, AKA Thailand founder Mike Swick has a Thug Life moment with one gangster monkey over a water bottle.</p>

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Don't fight me, bro I trane MAM. Phone Post 3.0

Phuket, MAM it is! Phone Post 3.0


Mixed Artial Marts fighters will never make it out of Thailand if they can't even get a decision vs a monkey Phone Post 3.0

Those monkeys are dicks! I lived in Phuket for a year and encountered them several times. One took my keys out of my pocket and threw them over the cliff. Another one (it was wearing a dress and named Natalie), was sitting on my shoulder, decided to rip my wooden plug out of my ear, take a bite out of the wood, and spit it out. Then the little bitch grabbed my sunglasses and ran away with them. Phone Post 3.0

Should have grabbed the little fuker and gave him the Swickateen!
War Swick!

When I was 5 years old, a monkey pooped in my shoe.

Twenty-two years later, I still don't trust them... Phone Post 3.0

One of those stole my car once.

Cecil Peoples scores the fight for Swick.

Now rigpig would like to tell his Thailand monkey story.

Sparkplug should have caught Lady Sunglass Thief and put his spark plug in her socket.

Attila - Cecil Peoples scores the fight for Swick.


These never get old.