MMA fighter says weed NOT a performance enhancer

what is this talk in this thread of, "the bottom line marijuana is still illegal?" It is a substance among the likes of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Not a substance among the likes of  Meth, heroin, or coccaine. The same government made up of politicians who are caught red-handed in increasing numbers recently for being a "typical politician" has deemed marijuana illegal. Therefore what does arguement of saying, "it's illegal"  mean. Does this make alcohol and tobacco ok because they are legal?


What is this vape and what is the difference from smoking?

Vapes raise the MJ to a specific temperature which releases the THC but doesn't actually burn, thus avoiding all of the bad shit (carcinogens, tar)

 injest it or thc wills will keep your conditioning high

really just stay away from the blunts and your fine. 

Andrew Montanez -  injest it or thc wills will keep your conditioning high

really just stay away from the blunts and your fine. 

So ingesting is the only way to really keep away from lung damage huh?

EddieBravo - WARNING: Smoking marjijuana can lead to massive juice intake. This was an actual late night massive juice attack, no joke, I killed that juice like OJ.

So true and so very tasty and delicious!


Chomas - +1 Bravo

V8 splash tropical is really awesome when you are high

It is awesome all the time!

Ok. First. Coming from someone now about 10 years plus clean. If your over 30. Smoke weed. And talk about it any kind of conversation. It's pointless. As far as the pic, damn Eddie maybe you need to back off the bong. Your looking a little Charles Manson there. And what is with all the juice, Jim Jones.


I think the Vapir Extreme Tower is pretty fricking badass. Remote control. Cant go wrong.

Redneck - The issue isn't really whether its a performance enhancer though. The athletic commissions also try to prevent people from having substances in them that can detract from their performance.

Most people would agree that alcohol was not performance enhancing, yet they wont allow someone to fight if they have what is deemed to be an excessive amount of alcohol in their system.

 Actually thats exactly what the issue is.  The CSAC believed Nick Diaz was able to absorb more punishment without quitting because he was under the influence.

Needc0ck -  ttt for cheap vape recommendations.

 Vapor Brothers... dont listen to others.  2 year warranty, i've had mine around 4.  Will cost you around 100.

And never buy anything that says "Vapir" on it... tons of plastic moving parts... they will start leaking.  ONLY moving part on the Vapor Bros is the temp dial.