mma fighters are more respectful

than any other athletes.

after 99% of the fights no matter what?

the fighters embrace and congradulate each other.

even bj-jens, tito-ken do this.

only in the olympics or little league do you see sportsmanship so well

Agreed. TTT for respect.


If only the fans were 1/4 as respectfull

"If only the fans were 1/4 as respectful"

Exactly. I did a thread on that subject and let's just say I was met with more than a little hostility & condescension.

It used to be far better before Tito.

Insightful observation.





I totally agree and have given it some thought as to why in this sport moreso than others.  I think it's because both/most fighters train equally as hard; so how could you not respect what you do yourselves?  This is such a tough and well rounded sport it's much like tri-athletes and so much goes into the whole picture. 

my2cents - good post SFM.  later, ma


ttt for mike gold.

you have assholes in every sport in every walk of life - as for me - I go the other way when I see the jerks.  And we come into contact with more amateurs than pros in the smaller shows.  Even the ones that you might think of as the worst - I still look for and see some kind of good in them.  Yeah that's just me.  lm