why did these guys get the living shit kicked out of them by Jet Li?

i know its just a movie but everyone is talking alot about the exposure of mma in movies and all that, but im curious how can it be "good" exposure if it was useless in the movie?

and why would they make it that way?

movies=TMA is the best?

reality=MMA is the best?



this is a legitimate question and im surprised it has never been asked before.

why is mma CLOWNED in the movies? yeah they looks tough, but still took the fuck out by Jet Li...

Kung Fu/JKD previals....


I heard in the extra features, Jet Li mentions that he knows those guys could kick his ass.

really Kai? that is interesting or are you pulling my leg?

why is this not discussed more?

it seems real shady to me, why lie to the people watching the movie giving them false impressions?


I actually put a thread up about this a couple of weeks ago...if I can find it I'll TTT it.

TT, check out "TMA Brainwashing Continues"

yeah what thai said, I mean we all know movies are factually accurate.

(sarcasm off) dumb ass

thanks guys i think.....

except mongon callin me a dumbass...dont know what thats all about, this is no troll job, these are legitimate questions..

i will check out that other thread..


"it seems real shady to me, why lie to the people watching the movie giving them false impressions?"

lol you need to chill out. Seeing as Jet Li is the star of the movie it probably wouldn't look good for him to get steam rolled by Tito.

Actually IIRC Jet Li was actually San Da/Sanshou champion in his weight class before he became a movie star

Kai is correct. It's in one of the mini things.

tigger what tha fuck did i say was so naive?

im trying to figure out why they protray MMA in that movie to be so not effective against TMA, such as what ever it is Jet Li studies.

i know its his fuckin movie, what i want is some fuckin discussion on why they did it like that?

imo its bad for the sport, am i wrong in thinking that?

Say ive never heard of NHB or MMA, i watch this movie, ask some questions find out what was going on, and now because of the movie i think, damn FUCK MMA i need to learn whatever it is Jet Li knows.

"you need to chill out"

about what? its a simple fuckin question. Im not saying i wanted him to get steam rolled by Tito, but come on!

EVERYTHING they tried was USELESS against him? why would they make the movie that way, so that MMA looks bad?

THAT IS WHAT I DONT UNDERSTAND? what is wrong with you people misreading my fuckin posts.

its the principle

GOD you guys are fuckin STUCK UP as all HELL you know that?



Just to make a correction to a previous post, Jet Li was a four time National WUSHU champion from the age of 11, a feat which has not been replicated since and took him to the White House to perform for President Nixon. He made his first movie "Shaolin Temple" at age 16 in 1981 - check out the scene where Jet Li is spying on the monks practicing to see what Wushu essentially looks like when it is performed in an acrobatic and stylised way.

While "Wushu" essentially means martial art the term generally refers to it's current form as pretty much competition kata where you are judged on the perfection of your performances with empty hand and all sorts of weaponary. Back when Jet Li did it IIRC before his first national championship he trained daily in rather oppressive conditions (I remember a story of him training secretly on a broken ankle because he was afraid the repercusions of not training would be more severe) mastering the use of several empty hand forms and some 20+ weapons. I believe that back then you were required to be good at all diciplines rather than specialised in a few, whether that was just culturally or because it was required in competition I don't know.

IMO Jet Li is a very skilled and tough guy to achive what he has as a martial artist and an actor, but he is not a fighter in the true sense of the word and he would never claim to be hence why there is no need for him to posture and he would readily admit that Tito et al would kick his ass in real life. [Edit Note: Of course give him a pair of butterfly swords or a three section staff and then you might have some trouble...]

As for why they were portrayed that way in the movie and get their asses kicked, well I think it is simply because the producers were looking for the toughest men alive for their super-hero to beat up on and I guess they found them :) (But DMX can fight him to a stalemate WTF???)

While the UFC-esque scene did portray MMA as a bit of a freakshow (with the midgets, the blood thirsty fans and the enraged fighters) I think any exposure is better than none at all...though just BARELY as this was a rather negative portrayal (more from the CULTURAL aspect than the "ineffectual" techinques aspect) and it is wishful thinking that there is educated MMA fan sitting next to every clueless person that watches this movie and thinks people in MMA are all just a bunch of violent jerks.

What's funny is that if you look up "Crade 2 the Grave" on IMDB there's a bunch of people in the discussion forum asking/guessing Jet Li would do well in the UFC. :)


xpat, wow!

Its a Jet Lei movie what do you expect,him to get his ass kicked?

If Randy or Tito had been the star you can believe they would have been beating up ten guys at once.

Tito showed a pretty amazing chin in that movie - Jet Li's punches didn't move him an inch, he just growled and took them!

xpat, wow bro, that is exactly the answer i was looking for!

thanks man, great info there, im very impressed.

Randy, very i just got to work from training, im still loving it, i love the way you guys seem to be a family, i am very proud to be a part of it now!

hopefully if i get out of work early again one night i can come train with you guys in the evening, there is only maybe a handful of us in the morning...


No problem man, hope the BJJ is going well :)

your legetimately a dumb ass....

no really