MMA Fighters in Iraq

Wondering if anyone has any information on MMA fighters currently serving in Iraq. I know Shannon Ritch is out there right now serving his country and I would like to make a write up on him and other fighters for the new MMA magazine "MMA MAGAZINE" set to be out April 1st. Please email me if you ahve any information on a fighter in Iraq.

thanks, Hector Molina


Just pro fighters? or pro and amatuer?

Jason Hathaway....
US Army...
Jason's a good man!!!I sent you his bro's contact info



pro and amateur...I would like to send out some issues of MMA MAGAZINE out to Iraq to help support the moral of the troops....Kirik, where can I email you?

I've got magazines and other things to send the troops. Does MMA have a charity that it can distribute to, or multiple options to make a choice from. I gave money to the Samaritan's Purse for the tsunami victims. I have a lot if items I am happy to give the soldiers.

I'd like to send out a couple hundred copies out to Iraq. I'm still trying to figure out how, though.

Jason Bond, brother of Kenny Bond (Machado Blakc Belt) and wrestling coach of the former Tarawa Fight Club... heres his email:


I pity the insurgent who tries to clinch Shannon, Jason, or any others of our military's finest...

Jason Hathaway

Jay Palmwuist

Joe Young

Well, Jason's weapon of choice is the M240 Golf machine gun... personally, they stand a better chance against the 7.62 rounds then Jason or Shannon!

TTT for everyone in the desert, and especially our Marines!

Semper Fidelis



Chris Myers is out there as well.

ttt...I need to get as much information on these guys as possible, so if you would have their email or something of the sort, I'd really appreciate it

Josh Schirmer, Marcos Estrada, Bob Schuller,
Dan Tradder Combat-Do is deep in Iraq and Afgahinastan


Thanks guys for all the support of my brother Jason Hathaway. I think all of the men and women of our armed forces need our full support now. I know my brother just wants to do his job but leaving a family like all the other service members must be really hard. I know he appreciates any support he gets. Jason loves to fight!!

thanks again and I wish all the other fighters who are their the best of luck.

blueibanez, how can i get a hold of you? Thanks, Hector

My email is
Any one else is can email me for information and I will give you jason email if he gets to a computer.
I am also looking for video of Jason's fights.