MMA Fighters Reenact NY Jets Tripping Incident

When Miami Dolphin cornerback Nolan Carroll inexplicably went berserk and tried to attack NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan on the sidelines last week, Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi acted quickly to save Ryan's life. He throw a Mark Coleman-esque knee at the rampaging cornerback, causing the out of control Dolphin to trip and fall. This saved Coach Ryan's hide and enabled the Jets to go on to beat the Steelers yesterday.

Of course, the league didn't see it that way. They need to protect their corporate interests, so they scapegoated the hero and Alosi is now suspended for the rest of the season. Still, it's better to have a suspended S&C coach than a dead (or worse) head coach.

Mac of Macs MMA was up at Team Bombsquad the other day, and some Bombsquad fighters, including Kenny Foster and UFC vet Chris Morecraft, reenacted the "tripping" incident for your viewing pleasure.

All I can find are the doctored versions.