MMA fighters train with GI?

Some bjj pratictioners state that they train with the GI even when preparing for an mma fight.

Ever known some mma fighter commonly training with the GI for an mma fight?

It seems crazy.

Hermes Franca, Brock Larsen, I believe said in a recent interview that he does, Wanderlei Silva. Many do. Not crazy, just need to understand where they are coming from

both Diaz brothers still train in a GI religiously..

its a great tool for MMA if you use it right..

I think GI training is pretty different from NO GI training. Less rhytm, possibility to grab, less leglocks and in a fight you won't have an opponent with a GI on.

Just my humble opinion though.

Why Dan? Don't you think the game is very different?

Like training in ping pong for wimbledon.

Yeah, because all of us would really know...

Maybe the difference is between a fighter who trains for a while (let's say till 1-2 months before the fight) and a fighter who always trains with a GI on.

I know, that's why I wrote that.

It's actually perfectly rational.

I've heard from a reliable source that Matt Serra feels gi training is essential to having the best overall ground game possible.

I do not know if this means he trains gi leading up to a fight however.

I think Gi training is alot of fun and helps open your mind to possibilities
that arent in no gi grappling. Its alot hard to escape and move your hips
in gi as well so u see guys who train gi usually have good hip movement
and escapes. Not always the case though of course. Guys who train alot of
gi often have good posture in guard to coz they worried about chokes.

Otherwise i dunno?

tighter positioning in general. No slipping out of subs from sweat.

also, Josh Koschek, Jon Fitch, Josh Thomson, BJ Penn, Rua brothers, Gabe Gonzaga all train in gi...GI training is great for technique and positional training.

also, in a real life fight, you're not going to fight some guy in speedos/shorts with no shirt...most likely they will have some sort of clothing on that you can grab.

LMAO@ erik the red, i know wha tyour reffering to as well which makes it
even funnier

1) I could say that the 90% (or more) of the ADCC winners come from GI training.

2) I could say that, if the GI is necessary to improve your game, you could say that the GI would be helpfull to improve the olympic wrestlers game.

I could def see the gi helping improve your defence and escapes from bad positions.

How it helps your offence for MMA isnt apparent to me yet as I see there being a lot of guys who are good attackers with the gi but have a harder time finishing people in the naked costume.

A lot of guys who train with the gi religiously take it off about a month before a fight...

It definitely helps with submission defense and nurturing good technique in all things jiu jitsu.

i train gi 3 times a week and nogi once a week
and my nogi game is 5times better than my gi game

gi is more technical and slower and more thought out
nogi is faster less technical

with more gi u get the technique faster and faster then that makes ur nogi better

Fitch and Koscheck

It slows down your game and makes you more technical but you can get the same out of your nogi game if you actively pursue that avenue.

All in all it's another tool but it's not the end all be all.