MMA fighters with a lot of tattoos

Is it me or are the odds seriously stacked against the fighter with the most tattoos?

For the last few years I've always jokingly bet (with friends) on the guy with no tats when he's fighting a work of art and I'd say that over 80% of the time I win.

Anyone else notice this trend?

Yep. They want to look "tough" instead of training more. Lots of exceptions to this, but not bad as far as generalizations go.

They showed some highlights of the Nickels/Combs fight last night, and I was thinking "how do you pick that one? They are both about 85% inked."

I first started noticing this when I was watching some of the old UFC and Pride highlight DVDs at a friends house. Particularly in UFC Knockouts, it was almost automatic that the guy who had the most tats, got KTFO.

Babalu fucked this observation up for a long time and even after his loss last night he's one fighter I wouldn't bet against when not fighting a belt holder.


Alex E is one tough tattoed SOB

"just want to look tough"
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"your fucking stupid"

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Genki Sudo as well as alex

It's true. I have lots o' tats and I suck at mma. I keep doin it though

They are like people who start these types of threads.

"new tats signify a training/mental prob imo"
you gotta be kidding me
being a tattoo artist and having tattooed thousands of people (fighters too)i would have a hell of a better idea why people get tattooed and your way off

I know every time I feel like I suck, I just get a new tat. I think I might just tattoo a black belt around my waste.

LOL @ "Your fucking stupid"