MMA fights in N. Virginia Saturday

It's the Combat Sports Challenge's East Coast Brawl. 
4 MMA fights and a bunch of Muay Thai fights are on the card:

I've got some info up at




nice, ttt

TTT for local MMA. Anyone going?

I'm fighting.I am ready adn can't wait.

Good luck Charles C.

Andrew, I'll see you there. Wish me luck guys, I'm one of the MMA fights. Anyone can feel free to post advice for a guy who has taught himself how to fight, and that will help keep this up, as well. Joe Bauserman Team Round Table

I wanna spectate. Is this place pretty easy to find.

Joe, who are you fighting? Best of luck, I'll be there to support.
Everyone there come say hello- I'm the skinny guy w/big hair.

Andrew, I'm fighting Ray Halstead from the Hybrid Academy in Roanoke. He looks to be a good fighter. He fought at the Rough and Tumble Challenge. After a good flurry, he got a clinch take down to side mount, transitioned to full mount and pounded out a submission. Hope I don't embarass myself. On a side note, what's with the hair, dude? I was watching a Grappler's Quest sample download on a buddy's computer, and when I spotted the hair, I couldn't help but shout "There's Andrew, I'd recognized that hair anywhere!" Just kidding, man, I'll see you tomorrow.

Can anyone give directions coming from DC? I'll be heading down 95 so what exit do I take and where from there?

Paul G, the directions that I got are from mapquest. It said take 95s to exit 161(which will put you on Rt. 1 south). Follow that about 2.3 miles to the location. East Coast Cafe, 13989 Jefferson Davis Highway. I hope that is correct, because it is what I am going to follow, but I'd get the phone # to the place off the website if I were you, just in case.

Thanks Jstrike. I never thought of using Mapquest, Doh!

Yea it's right off 95.  I wish I could make it because it's so close but I already have other plans.


Joe- I think Ray Halstead is out, but double check with the promoter. Nevertheless, I really hope you get to fight, man. You deserve it. TTT for MMA in VA!!!


I'm going, should be good. Go Seph Smith from Womack's. Andrew, I'll see you there.

I fought in Woodbridge once,who is promoting this event?