MMA fights that happened too early?

So I'm putting together a little video feature on five MMA fights that happened too early, either because the fight could have been more meaningful if it took place later, or because it was a mismatch at the time. Here's what I got so far...

Tito Ortiz vs. Wanderlei Silva
Diego Sanchez vs. Kenny Florian
Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami
Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson

For #5, my first thought was Lyoto Machida vs. Rich Franklin, just because it would have been cool if the fight went down in the UFC...but I don't know. Anybody got any better ideas?

Wanderlei Silva vs Vitor Belfort.

I think a lot of people believed that had a rematch happened a few years later, it would've gone in the other direction. If it happens in the future, idunno; Vitor's looked more impressive than Wanderlei as of late.

theYak - Kimbo v Roy?

Bullshit. That's the way that fight would have happened a few years ago and a few years in the future. Everybody always seems to be saying that Kimbo is a fast learner and a hard worker. The latter, likely, but he's OBVIOUSLY not a fast learner in that he's the exact same fighter he's been for years, despite having had top level training for quite some time now. Fast learners are the fighters that not only actually develop and progress, but do so quickly. I saw a video recently where Kimbo called a straight right cross a "jab." Cereal.

My reasoning for including Roy/Kimbo on this list was 1) Kimbo should never have been fighting someone of Roy's caliber as a 3-1 rookie with limited skills, and 2) Sure, even with three more years of jiu-jitsu training he would probably still lose to Nelson, but I don't think he would have gone out in such embarrassing fashion.

Your list fails without Chuck vs wanderlei

drano - Your list fails without Chuck vs wanderlei

That would probably go in the "5 Fights That Happened Too Late" category. Don't worry, I'm doing that one too.

Penn vs Gomi?

Couture vs Nogueira

Fitch vs Alves

Hazelett vs Koscheck

I don't see why people expect Kimbo to become a great fighter. He's out of his athletic prime and has shown little ability to adapt despite the fact he's been spoon fed high level training for years.


i'll go with some future fights that are happening too earliy

shogun vs. machida
a.silva vs. belfort


lesnar vs. couture happened too early (as nog. should have fought for the title first and not lesnar).

Fitch/Alves is a good call. Mike Brown/Imanari also comes to mind. I like Ortiz/Shamrock too, but I only want one Tito fight on the list.

The Rat - Overeem vs. Chuck

DREAM should book this fight for New Year's Eve.

Brock v. Mir I

ErikT - Couture vs Nogueira

Another one that should be in the "too late" category.

Machida v Franklin
Nate Diaz v Hermes Franca


Bailx - i'll go with some future fights that are happening too earliy

shogun vs. machida
a.silva vs. belfort

If anything, Shogun/Machida feels like it's happening too late, since Shogun's career peak was a few years ago.

Silva/Belfort seems like it's happening at a pretty logical moment.

 How is Kimbo a rookie? He beat Mercer by guillotine like 2 1/2 years ago, and he had to have been training MMA at least six months before that.

cristianjp - Penn vs Gomi?

definitely. that's a huge one.