MMA Finger Gloves (Solution to eye poking)

Just drew this up, do you guys think that it would work or not?

No they would not stay on your fingers.


<blockquote>Rille - No they would not stay on your fingers.</blockquote><br /><br />Did you not see the elastic bands that provide resistance to keep them on the finger tips? Also the finger guards fight "tightly" on the fingers, they're not loose.<br /><br />sigh this guy has like 0 posts, can I get a response from some more informative members?

Edit: Thanks Frobenius for posting the pic

Marsmellows (sp?) IMO.

But no, that could work. Phone Post

marshmallow* Phone Post

Elastic stretches and would be easily pulled off the finger tips in a grappling situation

Anyone who has trained having to tape their fingers knows it's hard
Enough keeping coaches tape that is tightly wrapped to stay on
Much less a loose pad that has edges that would easily get hung up

And, it really wouldn't solve much anyway. If I poke your eyeball with a small
Pad slightly larger than my finger it isn't going to feel much different

Keep spitballing with these things in mind if u find them helpful

When you stop and think about it, it's barbaric that in 2011 fighters don't have adequate finger protection. This isn't the good ol' days when Keith Hackney was tiger palming motherfuckers bare knuckled. Your design is innovative and I think it's the best solution for the current eye poking epidemic that is plaguing MMA.

I also like your new UFC logo and agree that Italian sports brand Fila would be most suitable in making the official UFC finger gloves.

Just make eye poking and groin strikes legal, problem solved, Kongo becomes new HW champ, and Liddell makes a comeback to regain the LHW belt.

I disagree that groin strikes should be legal, but I think it's time to lift the ban on groin grappling. This is denying us of classics such as Goodridge v. Otavio

 elastic bands.. yeah okay.

Interesting Phone Post

Cool drawing though.. did you use AutoCAD

Interesting but something to consider is that the elastic bands would have to be slack at some point, so wouldn't be flush to the skin and would negatively affect grappling. And for them to be flush to the skin at all times they would need to be so strong that extending the fingers would e difficult. Interesting idea, just needs work Phone Post