MMA first million dollar fight?

When will be MMA's first million dollar fight? When one or both fighters will get one mill? I say Rickson vs Fedor in Pride.

Some think it already happened--Couture/Liddell 3

Did Chuck or Randy get a million dollars each?

I'm pretty sure it's happened with guys like Yoshida and Ogawa in Pride. As for Liddel and Couture, was that $1 million purse, or including Xscience endorsement?

No, base wasn't. It is rumored and was reported that they each got a % of the PPV sales. With that, over $1 million each.

I think both were $250k to show.

Didn't his manager say that Royce made about that much for his K-1 fights?

Chuck was 250k to show,Randy was 225k.

The million they both made from that fight came from the purse + % of PPV sales,not from Xcience (from what i've heard)

There have been plenty of million dollar fights in Japan.

Ogawa/Yoshida from NYE alone was a $4 million fight. The rumored Sak/Rickson fight coming up is said to be a $6 million fight.

I here Royce is making 1.2 million on th fight with Hughes...

"Rickson made $1.5 mill against Funaki and close that against Takada. First million dollar North American Payday? My guess Royce at UFC 60."

Actually Royce posted on here after his fight with Hughes was signed and said that he would be taking a pay cut from what he made in K1 to fight Hughes.

Does anyone really believe Rickson Gracie would be able to perform at the high level against a competitor now to get paid 1 million dollars. Yes it is true Royce Gracie is getting 250k plus a percentage of the payperviews which they say he will get over 1 million.

as has been said already many times, guys have gotten over a million in Pride many times.


I bet Royce is making at least 500k to show,he was making around 1 mil a fight in K-1.

It's been reported by a few news sites that Royce is making $1.3 million for this fight. Now, this still doesn't mean it isn't a pay cut from K-1. You don't know how much K-1 is paying him as, they have a hell of a lot of money. But we will all see once the CSAC releases the payouts.

The Kerr vs Royce matchup that never happened was rumored to have combined purse of 1 mill or really close to it back in 1998.

rickson-funaki....didn't rickson make 2million by himself?