MMA/Grappling Salisbury, MD

I am Proud to announce the the finest Grappling and MMA facility on the Delmarva Peninsula in Salisbury, MD. If you are a local grappler, striker, or wrestler, or are just looking to see what MMA is all about, or just in the Ocean City area for the week. Stop in and train with the best on the shore. Check out our myspace page at

Thank you,
Brad Pole

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Cool! And I thought all along that Salisbury was just a piss stop on the way to OC or Dewey.

Nice, might have to stop in the next time Im down there. My inlaws live in Salisbury and I also make a lot of O.C. trips so Im down there a decent amount.

sounds good. Stop in anytime your down this way.

Do you offer any kind of visitor passes or things like that?

right now our drop in rate is $5.00 per person, per class. Just pay when you show up.

Also, Not only are we the center for MMA training on Delmarva, but we have the best rates available anywhere around.

$50 per month which gives you up to 5 days of training per week.

$5.oo drop in rate. We train Monday-Thursday 6:30-8:30. And Saturday mornings 8am-10am.

Thats good, I wish I was closer because I'd train full time there. I do plan on coming in for the $5 drop in though.

$5 Drop in is really good. I'll def. have to take advantage the next time I'm down the beach.

$5 to drop in?

It looks like I'll be seeing you in summer '08.

Look forward to seeing you guys.

Train Hard

I used to live there... there is nothing to do in that fricken town, i'd
promote it at bennet high school and stuff.

Is Nacho Petes still around? I know him and his wife got a divorce and
things were rocky with the business.

Not sure. I've only lived her for just over a year.


i'm a graduate of Wicomico Sr. High (91), my folks own a house in Ocean Pines and i'm down there often...will have to check it out next time i'm down there....


I'll probably swing through eventually as well.

Nice. Keep 'em coming. We are always looking for people to roll with and make us better.

TTT for the #1 grappling/ MMA school on the shore.

okay first let me set this straight the best GRAPPLING SCHOOL on the shore will always be the wi-hi wrestlign team from 1980-1991!!!!!   

That sounds great.I live in Carroll County and could make the trip to their when I head down to OC, which isn't often though lol, but would still be a blast.