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I am arguing opposite this guy in another forum. I call bullshit on his post. Anyone have access to stat data to prove this wrong. This guy swears that bigger is better % wise in winning fights.

"bigger is better when it comes to fighting. I don't know the exact number anymore but as of fall 2000 I remember that the heavier fighter had won 72% of all UFC, K-1 & PRIDE matches. It is the reason why a guy as skilled as Saku can't beat Silva (not that Silva isn't magnificently skilled)"

The bottom line is that size matters. That is why Shamrock beating Ortiz way back in 1999 remains one of the more amazing performances in MMA. You just don't see a smaller guy beat a bigger guy at that high skill level very often. "

My response was...

I never saw that stat, but if true, it is amazing. I always say Liar figure and figures lie. I think this has to be the case. The first 3 UFC's the small guy won almsot every bout. So I find it hard to believe. Goodridge, Tank, Ferrozzo, Varelans and so many others ran up a ton of losses as the bigger guy, so I find that stat looking impossible, but I can't say its not accurate b/c I never researched it. I would bet it is incorrect however.

I just want to prove a point. Thanks.

I think I agree. That 72% win record for the heavier fighter seems high.Hell,Goodridge, Tank, Ferrozzo, Varelans all screw up that percentage.

PS I think the phrase you are thinking of is "Figures don't lie, but liars can figure."

Royce's win percentage alone would trash that one. Then Dan Henderson ... aaaieee.

Not to mention Rocky Marciano?

Just ain't so.

Frank Shamrock would be the same phenom at 215.

I don't know about the numbers, but the guy does have a bit of a point.

Basically, if two guys are of relatively equal skill, then the bigger fighter has the advantage. This is why Sakuraba loses so often in Pride, he's a best of the best at 185 taking on all the best guys at 205. But a smaller skilled fighter will be a larger man with no skill almost every time. Size can be an advantage and it can be a disadvantage.

"The first 3 UFC's the small guy won almsot every bout."

Royce really doesnt count, he had an advantage over all the fighters. Size really doesnt matter when your clueless

notable little-man vs. big man match ups:

Royce vs. everyone

Genki vs. Butterbean

Mino vs. Sapp

Ruas vs. Varlens

Yuki Nakai vs. that pro wrestler in 'choke'

Dempsey vs. Willard

Tele Tulu vs. Gordeu

Hakney vs. Emmanuel Yarborough

Emmanuel Yarborough vs. Takasi

Tank vs. anyone good

Herring vs. Giant Silva

Bonjowski/Cro Cop vs. Sapp

Ali vs. Foreman

Tyson vs. everyone

Roy Jones Jr. vs. John Ruiz

Frank vs. Tito

Coture vs. Leo Borga/Steven Graham

Tank vs. Matua

countless others...

"big guys grow on trees"
-Rickson Gracie

Holyfield vs. Bowe/Foreman/everyone

Micheal Spinks vs. Larr Holmes