MMA gym closing - all equip 4 sale

With my return to the workforce and 3 kids under 14 months of age we are just to busy to keep the gym open. So I have some stuff in BNE for sale -

*Have about 200sq m of jigsaws $47.50m new

*full size ring 6x6 (not floor ring) & good canvas - cost me $4500. Fair nick with a refubrish ($1000 spend or weld etc.. self) would be as good as any fight ring. Stands about 90cm high.

*thai/boxing bags and equipment galore

Can store it all but if someone needs it to help with a gym etc.. happy to flog it off.

(remove 7's)


Hey Justin,

Give me a heads up when your on line again, I'll take alot of the stuff off your hands.



3 kids under 14 months is insane. No wonder you dont have time for anything else.

I will call you next week, we can do with some more gear at the house.

Justin u got mail!