MMA gyms in Moscow Russia

Does anyone know of any MMA gyms in Moscow russia? preferably good old fashioned BJJ and/or Muay thai? i am going to be studying russian there and want to keep my game going. any help would be much appreciated.

I don't know of any. If you can't find bjj look for Sambo up there. If all else fails just run up the mountains, chop wood and lift small boulders... It worked for Rocky.

Go to the links page on

There are several Russian school links there. David Rudman's Sambo 70 is the biggest and best in Moscow. If you will be is St. Petersberg, let me know. My combat sambo teacher has a school there - that would be a bit closer to MMA (there is no website to visit). If you read Russian, there is a link for Sambo Wrestling Information Database. Also, visit and contact Vladimir Borodin (you can find him under NY schools). He can most likely point you in some directions. He owns a Muy Thai school in Brooklyn.

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