MMA gyms Mpls area?

I know there is the MMA Acadamey and the Kali Group, but I was wondering if there were any more gyms that train for MMA competitions in the Minneapolis area?

Check out

Mike Reilly runs a submission fighting school that has some great competitors. Champs like Sam Morgan and Kelly Kobald to name a few.

I trained with them for several months and enjoyed the experience. His web page says he is not taking membership fees either, so you cannot beat the deal.

I also know that Dave Menne has a school north of the twin cities, but can't offer any insight into it.


Tim Sledd

Indiana University Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Menne's place is in Brooklyn Park, in the Brookdale Crossing mall. Also check out Minnesota Martial Arts Academy in Brooklyn center. for more info

Menne's gym is called TAG sports,its located where Lowery's old gym west metro boxing is located.

The Minesota Martials arts acadamy is a great spot,thats where Sherk trains and Menne trained there for years before opening his own gym.

Im not sure if Daryl Guthmiller still has his gym?

I have no idea on that one man. The only three I know about are Bison, MMAA, and Menne's guys.

"Im not sure if Daryl Guthmiller still has his gym?"

I think he mostly goes to Dave's, but I am not sure.

I've heard good things about the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy and Dave Menne's place. Team Bison is also very active in local MMA events.

Feel free to check my own program in Rochester, MN:

We have an excellent cross-training oriented program, where our students have the opportunity to train in BJJ and boxing. I personally teach all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, and our boxing staff is top-notch (we had 4 upper midwest Golden Gloves champions this past year).

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