MMA Hatred=too much obsessing?

I've noticed that the guys that have "turned on the sport" (mainly towards The UFC, but they also complain about a lot of other promotions as well) have huge numbers of posts.

It's like they have no job, no gf, heck .. maybe they still even live at home with mommy and daddy?

My point is, if you obsess over anything long enough then you will eventually experience burnt out. Nothing seems to make these guys happy, it's like they can only see the negative after a while.

Maybe it's just a trend that's bleeding over from the hate forum itself, fightsport?

I have mad crazy posts but I'm no mma hater.

I agree, there's not enought support for MMA. It's ok to be critical, but some people just take it too far. This sport needs support, especially from the fans or it's not going anywhere.


"This is coming from a guy who posts actively on almost every mma forum on the internet? Grow up already."

This is the ONLY forum I actively post on, so I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

If you have a personal problem with me then why don't you just type it out instead of following me around from thread to thread attempting to insult me? Maybe we'd get to the bottom of this right away then, eh?

"It's ok to be critical, but some people just take it too far. This sport needs support, especially from the fans or it's not going anywhere."

Well, constructive criticism is fine ... but this is far beyond that.

I know you can't dictate what is being posted here, but when a guy is so angry & sullen that about 90% of his content are expletives, and bashing ... he needs a few days off, IMO.

"All I am saying is that instead of taking shots at other people maybe you should look at yourself. You have spending a ton of time on the net for years talking about fighting. Stop insulting people for doing things that you have been doing forever. Get over yourself and enjoy the forum or stop reading it. All you do is talk down to others and try to come off like an expert all the time. Then you get upset when people call you an ignorant fool. "

Ok, fair enough ... even though I do not agree at all.

When did I "talk down" to anyone? I may have engaged in a few arguements in the past, but the only ones I have ever gotten nasty with was the obvious trolls that had it in for me at different periods of time (tape lord, todd atkins, etc...).

If you're referring to the Heiron vs St. Pierre fight ... then did I not admit I was wrong, and that Georges looked great against Jay?

I don't know what more I could do than to admit being wrong about a fight, then moving on. I have never come on and "LOL @ you Fools" type crap when I was right about a fight, it's not something I can ever recall doing (maybe I did, but I seriously do not remember it if I did). If I have somehow insulted you here on the forum ... then I am sorry, I like to debate fights ... but rarely do I insult someone unless they call me names (lol).

"sub wrestler,

You are not an expert on MMA or its fans. You are a joke, and the condescending tone in which you communicate your lack of knowledge makes others laugh until they piss themselves."

Wait, aren't you buddies with Hot Potato? Or, heck maybe you're even the annoying little spud himself? Who cares, now run along and attempt to troll someone elses threads.

You clowns have to have something better to do with your time, eh?

maybe some that have supported this sport from its infancy are becoming more and more frustrated at the lack' of any real progress.
Some spend more time here then others, some voice their views more then others. If the general consensus always seems to spew out negativity then maybe there is a legitimate reason for it and not because u dont have a GF or a a geek etc...

Haha, yeah ok ... forget that I missed only one prediction at 46, only 2 fight predictions at 47, & only 2 on the last Pride, and have all of them correct so far for the Pride GP this morning


I am off to bed, thanks for TTTing my thread guys.


No dick tuck, it's called sleeping and having a Try it man, it's better than 24/7 of obsessing on a forum.

I am disappointed that you clowns were unable to keep my thread TTTed while I was away.


Why not just enjoy each individual fight because 2 people went in there who have trained their a$$ off to show their talent??

No fight will be the exact same as another.

No fight will make everyone deliriously happy.

No fight can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that that 1 fighter is the best there ever will be.

No 1 fight can make new people understand the rules.

No fighter will ever make everyone happy.

If we can understand many different techniques have made this sport what it is & accept that.... then we will have accomplished something!!!

"Nice attempt at saving face. Many, many people are not MMA experts -- just relax, it's okay.

And for the record, it's very well-known what "life" you lead, so don't try to fool anyone."

Ok kid, your sad attempts to piss me off are just not working. I had a great Fathers' Day and no little puss boy on a forum is going to bring me down.

Find something even remotely constructive to do with your time.

sub wrestler: Couldn't agree more with each sentence. As someone who gets not live MMA anymore, some of you guys don't know how sucky it is to not have ANY live broadcasts.

Appreciate what you've got!

Exactly pulsar! I see most of the overly critical complainers being like spoiled brats who are never happy with anything they're given. The sport is still growing, and will keep going through the ups and downs all along the way.

Heck, look at boxing ... it is still having numerous problems, even after years of acceptance by the mainstream sports media and fans. I don't think MMA will ever be perfect, but it's definately improving on a steady basis, and we should help support it by renting PPVs, going to live events, buying DVDs/Tapes, etc.... Believe me, every little bit helps.

*edited for spelling errors* lol