MMA in Canada

Is it just me or is mma and grappling exploding on the scene in Canada right now?

I talk to all sorts of guys and hear great things happening like new magazines like the Showdown combat sports. Teams like Tompkins doing well in Canada and the USA.

So I ask you long do you think it will be before Ontario relents and allows mma to happen here?


Fingers crossed for Ontario. It's the final frontier.

Hopefully REALLY soon Dougie, I know you, myself and a boatload
of others are anxiously awaiting the day when it becomes a

Here's to hoping boss !


Fingers crossed!!

I'd like to see the Casinos in Ontario step up and take this issue on to make some money and follow Vegas' style with it. Add boxing too!

Doug, not sure if you're aware but Rama has had
boxing there since the beginning.

not exploding yet but getting there...hopfully thought as the province of ON gets more and more strapped for cash MMA will be legalized sooner rather than later...than we'll have an explosion...


I've heard some news that the commission in Ontario has used a variety of cutips to clean it's ears so it can listen to the various proposals coming it's way.

I've also heard the commission has cleaned it's glasses and seen the money generated in Quebec from MMA events, and the sanctioning fees paid to the commission for these events.

I've also heard that the commission has cleared it's throat asking 'other' commissions about MMA in their province/states and 'how' they are running it.


There are rumors that the Manitoba Boxing Commission is also preparing to sanction mma in Manitoba. One of the rumors going around is that they will set up a separate commission just for mma. of the things that eat me up inside is the fact there are so many great Canadian fighters that cannot fight at home, in front of family and friends.

The Quebec, Alberta and BC (sort of) market are very lucky with this. Soon, the Doerkson, Loaf's, Hominick's and Carvalho's can showcase their talents infront of their own.

Until that time, I will simply have to showcase my other talents when I'm at home. Yes, that means dancing naked in public places!!

Things out east here are moving ahead. We need to work together and stay together as one.

Showdown Joe "hears" a lot.

Wayne-o. If they have boxing why not MMA?


Boxing, legal, MMA, illegal, Rama, Ontario, Joe, optimist.

ttt for MMA being legal in every province across Canada and every state in the US!!!!

There are too many good fighters out there that can't get the opportunities they deserve, whether they are Canadian, American or from anywhere else.

Maybe we need to start doing them on the reservation casinos and let the powers that be see the money that it generates.

Dougie asked a question that I've been wondering myself.

I'm not sure if there are indian reservation casino's in Ontario, but I'm curious to know what the opinion of the people here on putting on a show there or if it is even possible.

I don't pretend to know anything about dealing with levels of governments, but part of me think it could be good for the following reason. If done properly (medical staff, standard rules, etc) then it could go far in showing the Ontario Athletic Commission that the people involved are looking into the safety of the fighters and putting quality shows ahead of what smaller boxing venues do.

But, at the same time a show at an indian reservation could alienate the commission and just delay the process even longer of getting MMA legalized in Ontario.

I don't know the answers.. but am curious to find them out.

Alex (On Demand Fight Team)

Joey Mammaluke has the eye's of an eagle, the hearing of a wolf and an incredible singing voice. Believe that.



I don't know alot about this topic, SDJ could fill you in alot better. But it's my understanding that even on a reserve the Ontario Athletic Commission would/could have the event shut down regardless of it being held there.

Like I said, the details are sketchy to me, but Joe knows them rather well and could fill you in on this.

Take care,


People want to fight MMA in Canada? Right now I think some focus should be on the WFF out of B.C. They will soon have Shooto sponsoring - which is a big deal - not to mention the promoter (Jason Towns) proceeds respectfully with fighters. I am impressed with this group so far as I have been with the Western Canadian approach to MMA in general. The promotions seem more like the serious, smaller American shows: fighter friendly, no B.S. with a no princess approach to athletes showcasing their martial skills. Of course, this is the mere opinion of a tourist - formerly the man "who thinks he is too big for MMA" - but one that nevertheless gets asked an inordinate amount about such things. IMO, B.C. = good MMA fighters, good promoters & trainers.

Antonio "The Sexual" Carvalho, while we are discussing his accomplishments, can write the Lord's Prayer on the head of a pin. :)