MMA in China

It's crude, but at least they're trying to start something..

* i know this might be OT, but it's interesting to see MMA in the motherland of kung fu

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it's nice to know about this, as i've been thinking of moving to beijing for a while!

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One problem that I noticed with this show, which I got from online, is that the Beijing BJJ Club is sending white and blue belts into these meets. As a BJJ white belt myself, I think this is a dangerous idea, which would lead to China banning MMA before it actually gets professional there because someone may get seriously hurt or worse, killed. Even though I love my BJJ, I know that if I was to fight guys with years of boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai, or Daidojuku experience, I would atleast have to train 6 months in stand-up or that many months to learn how to nullify stand-up skills. Also, they used hard jigsaw mats which are unhealthy for taking slams on. I cannot believe that Xu Xiao Dong, aka the violent Sanda intimidator from the 2nd fight (who shares the name of an introverted "brainy" kid I knew from PS), was invited back by Wohsai after he nearly maimed a poor kid by punting the first time they did their "K-1 PRIDE UFC MMA Love Meet". I thought this guy had skills from watching him knee from under across side but from what was described by the guy in the article, we do not need more heels in MMA; we already have sleazy promoters like Brad Kohler and pugilistic fighters like Lee Murray.

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